Thursday, August 16, 2007

Weather in Santiago

There's been a whole lot going on here in Santiago in the past month or so, and I don't have time to write about it right now, but there is something I wanted to share quickly, especially for all of our friends in the northern hemisphere.

This picture was taken on July 28 at around 5 pm. We were spending time at the Cardona's house and as we looked outside we realized that it was snowing. It's not like we've never seen snow before, but snow in the middle of July is not what we're used to. This year has seen the coldest temperatures here in Santiago since 1942. So we decided we had to take a picture so that all of our friends who are sweating through the summer in the US could see what we're experiencing.

Not only that, but just one week ago it actually snowed in downtown Santiago. That's something that has not happened in over 30 years. After church on Wednesday night we were walking home and it was snowing!! Of course it didn't stay too long, but it was pretty amazing while it lasted.

These are historic times here in Santiago, Chile and we're grateful that God has seen fit for us to be here to experience them.

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Luke and Lauren Weger said...

Wow! You guys are in Chile! I found your blog through the Mission Memo website. Congratulations on the big move. I am sure that God is going to use you guys in amazing ways down there. Know that you have people praying for you from Northern California.