Sunday, November 20, 2011

A very special day

Today was a memorable day!!

Today we had our annual All-Church service for the South Florida Church of Christ. We had great worship, an inspiring sermon and encouraging fellowship. Those things are to be expected.

One "out of the ordinary" thing that happened today was that our friends, Marcus and Amy Overstreet were appointed Evangelist and Women's Ministry Leader. This is the first appointment of this type in over 10 years in the SFCC. Years ago, growing up in the church we all aspired to be Evangelists. Over time the role has come to be seen in a different light. But today was a victorious day because Marcus and Amy were recognized for the great work they've been doing for the past 5 years here in the SFCC. We are especially proud of them, their perseverance and their focus on God in the midst of hard times. Congratulations Marcus and Amy!!

The second very special part of today was the announcement of our move to Brasília, Brazil in January 2012. Its a move we've been contemplating now for a while and we are grateful that the announcement came the same day as our friends were appointed Evangelist and WML.

In the crowd were Thomas and Tina Allison,  Troy and Kim Criss, Ian and Crystal Scott, Bob Mitchell and Chris Overstreet. Each of these people have supported us and the Overstreets in amazing ways in the recent years. We are so grateful for how God brought us together in Gainesville and has since sent us out, literally to all parts of the world.

"A blessing to all nations" was the theme for today's service and it is our hope and prayer that God will allow us to truly be this wherever we go in the world.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer Travels

So its been a while since we've been updating our blog, but I think its time to start writing again.

I'm really excited about all that this summer has in store. I have the opportunity to travel to South America not once, but TWICE!! Not having been there for over a year has made me appreciate the countries, the people and the experiences that God has given us there.

My first trip will be to Asunción, Paraguay. I'm taking four students to be interns in the church there. I will be spending two weeks, the interns six weeks. I believe that this trip will be life changing for all of us. I've never been to Paraguay, but I'm really looking forward to meeting the brothers and sisters there as well as helping the interns to have the greatest impact possible. Below is a picture of three of the four interns. You can follow their adventures at

Cristina Aguilar, Beto Figueroa, Allan Mena - GO Interns
My second trip will be a return trip to Brasília, the capital of Brazil. We first met the church there in February of last year when our family went to speak at the retreat they had during the carnaval season. We have since built a good friendship with the main couple, Jorge and Ana Cristina. I will be speaking to the church (maybe in Portuguese), spending time with the leadership and possibly visiting a handful of disciples that live outside the city in a smaller area called Goiania.

Please pray that God will be glorified in these trips.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

One Year!

Today marks one year since we've posted anything on our blog. Its been quite an interesting year. There's no way to describe the emotions that we've gone through in the past year, but I can summarize the main events that have happened in our lives.

First of all, we moved from Santiago, Chile back to the United States to West Palm Beach, Florida. God orchestrated our path so that as things were needing to change in our lives and in Chile a place opened up for us here in Florida. We moved back and have been serving the Palm Beach Region of the South Florida Church of Christ.

The second major thing that happened is that we got the great news that Kay was pregnant with our second child. As time has gone by we found out that he is going to be a boy and we've decided to call him John Wesley Hoyt IV. Its a special name with family significance so we like it. John should be arriving sometime in the beginning of April.

Finally God has brought us into the position to work with campus students at Florida Atlantic University and Palm Beach State College. This has been an exciting shift and we've already enjoyed getting to know these great hearted brothers and sisters.

We dream to return to South America one day. Only God knows the path he has laid out for us. Until then, we'll continue to keep in mind Philippians 1:21: For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.