Wednesday, April 09, 2008

"To An Unknown God"

2000 years ago Paul spoke in Athens to a group of philosophers and thinkers with incredible pose. He saw their statue in the city with the inscription "to an unknown god" and announced to this group of learned men that this was the God that he would proclaim. The God that created the world and everything in it had sent Jesus and had raised him up from death. It is one of the most powerful sermons that we have in the scriptures.

In light of Paul's message, we decided in Santiago to have a special event for campus students to really examine who God truly is. The weeks leading up to the "conferencia" the campus students spoke to thousands of students about how they view God and if they were interested in finding out about the God of the Bible. It was an incredible, faith-building month. Many of those invited came to hear a great message by Luis Fernando Herrera. They heard testimonies by some of the disciples and were able watch a video about how people view God on the campuses in Santiago.

We are praising God for the power of his word and for those that he brought to the event. There are many who are studying the bible and digging deeper and we are anxious to watch God continue to work in their hearts and lives.

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