Friday, October 24, 2008

The Edge - International Leadership Conference

From October 5-15, I had the opportunity 

to make a trip to the other side of the world to attend the 2008 International Leadership Conference of the ICOC in Kiev, Ukraine. It was an amazing trip for many reasons: very long, very inspirational, very memorable.


My trip took me from Santiago to Atlanta to Paris to Vilnius to Kiev and back. I got to spend a day in Paris on the way there and on the way back. At the conference I was able to see a number of old friends as well as hear many inspiring and convicting classes. On the way back I got to spend time with a good friend, Jon Sherwood while in Atlanta.



 in all it was a trip I'll never forget. I praise God for the way that he is working all over the world to help our brotherhood of churches grow and mature. The news of baptisms, growth, learning and advancing through faith called me higher and encouraged me to keep working with God to preach the Word and stay on the Edge with Jesus.


Below are a few pictures and some quotes from classes that really impacted me.

Preachers should comfort the afflicted and afflict the com

fortable - G.Ferguson

Having one main leader provides the clear voice of inspiration that churches need - G. Ferguson

United leadership takes time, effort and pain - G. Ferguson

Harmony and Unity are God's will (Psalm 133) - T. Singh

Passion is essential. Everybody has passion and they are just looking for where to put it - S. Wooten

There is a certain joy that is lost when we are not giving away the love of the cross - S. Wooten

What can you do to help build ligaments (Eph. 4)? J. Renton

The church does not grow through compromise - M. Fontenot

When prophets repent, the fire rains down - M. Fontenot

Campus ministry requires lots of hard work - M. Taliaferro

Young people need six meaningful adult relationships  - J. Porter

Good parenting can overcome a bad church situation - A. Hill

It takes time to invest in the family but it yields fruit that will last - D. Pocta

When you decide to get well, humility and decision are what is needed - D. Arthur

Do you expect the lordship of Jesus in the life of every disciple? B. Williams

Expectations will not increase without confrontation - B. Williams

Fear is not a weakness, it is a sin - M. Alhinn

There is only one message of the cross where two opposing ideas come together - A. Fleming 

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