Thursday, March 26, 2009

Three Months!

Its been over three months since our last blog update; wow how quickly the time passes by! It would be great to give details of all that's happened, but we just don't have space nor time. Here's a quick review of the major events of January, February and March.



We had a great time visiting with family in the States. They loved up on us and gave us great food and even better company. It was a very refreshing time for us.

Giam got restored. He moved here from Panama in October and after intensely studying the scriptures and repenting in many ways, he was restored in his relationship with God and the church. 

We moved across the street to a new apartment in Santiago. Its quiet and peaceful. 

The campus ministry led the service in Santiago, songs and all. Kay even participated in the chorus.


February - Viña del Mar. 

We spent most of the month  at the coast with the small mission church of about 15 disciples. It was a great experience for us.

Our camera got doused with water and sand one day while we were at the beach :(

Campus Retreat at Laguna Verde (which we don't have pictures of, but it was a great retreat).


Kay went on an emergency trip to Oregon to visit her Grandfather whose health was failing. 

He is doing better, and Kay was able to spend memorable time with her family.

Back to normal life in Santiago. 

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malva said...

Hola hermanos que lindos recuerdos y vivencias han tenido un abrazo tremendo espero verlos pronto