Thursday, January 26, 2012

Welcome To Brasília

Well its been about two and a half weeks since we've arrived here in Brasilia and we're just getting settled down enough to write about all that has happened. These days have been a blur but the overall sensation is one of being tremendously blessed by God not only to be living here but also in so many of the small details of life. 

We were greeted at the airport by a joyful group of christians singing "O happy day" and holding a huge welcome sign for us. We were overwhelmed by the joy and love that was expressed by the church that day. 

After that we moved into a hotel which would become our temporary home while we looked for apartments. The disciples took care of us and encouraged us that it would probably only be four to six weeks that we'd be in the hotel. The first day we were confronted not by tropical summer heat as expected but by cool air and rain all day. We found out that we are in the middle of the rainy season and some times it rains continuously for days. That didn't stop us as we got started on the incredibly long list of things to do to get life setup here in Brazil. 

Jorge Bittencourt, the brother who has been the main leader of the church here took 10 of his vacation days to take us around to look for apartments, buy furniture etc. Thank you Jorge, we could not have done it without you!!

On just the second day of being here we identified apartments, looked at a few and decided on one. Jorge told us it would still take a few weeks to get all the documents arranged. But, in just one of the many examples of God's grace on us, we were able to secure the apartment and start moving in after just one week!! We are so grateful for the place God has given us as it has ample space for our family and is located just a 10 minute walk from the University of Brasilia (UnB) campus. 

One week after arriving we were able to have the privilege of receiving a visit from my old college roommate Vernon Harris and his wife Muthoni.  For 6 months they are traveling around the world, taking in the sights and encouraging as many disciples as possible. I hadn't seen Vernon for over 5 year so it was crazy to meet here in Brazil. We showed them around our new home city and had a great time as they helped us move into our apartment. You can click here if you want to read more about their adventures. 

The main hallway at UnB
The last thing I want to share about is the "Bate- Papo" (Bible discussion) that we've been able to participate in at UnB. The university has around 30,000 students and is recognized as one of the best in Brazil. Many students come to UnB hoping to get good government jobs. Our main focus in being here is to reach out to these students and teach them about the Gospel. Currently our group consists of Pedro, Hamilton, Ana Cristina and Kay and I. Another sister also works at the university and is able to participate some times. Yesterday we went out to invite people (our first time in portuguese) and were able to see a few students come out. By the end twelve people were talking about Jesus and their lives. It gave us a great vision for what God will do in the future at UnB. 

Thanks again to everyone who has supported us and encouraged us. Please keep us in your prayers, that we may learn portuguese and that our lives can bring much glory to God here in Brazil. Até mais!!


SFORZA43 said...

We keep your family and the mission that God in His grace put in your hand in pour prayers. It's very encouraging to witness your passion for God's people and the sacrifice that you, Kay and kids are doing just to give glory to God. He knows and soon you'll be saying thanks to Him in Portuguese.
Love in Him
The Salcedos

DJezini said...

Um ótimo começo, sem dúvida! Já é possível sentir o gostinho do que vem por aí!

Daniel Jezini

Dot Nelson said...

Rita, the women from the Thur.morning bible study sent you lots of hugs..Bev,Dot,Vilma,Pat,Dora,Franceta,Montez,Vicky,Edna,Ester,Tisia..We had Housechurch dinner together tonight..We miss you deeply,and pray for you ,as God use you,we prayed for God to open your heart to learn Portuguese quickly..Love you sister !!

Dot Nelson said...

Rita,the women from the Thur, morning send you lots of hugs. Jimmie,Joe,Hovice,Dot,Bev,Pat,Vilma, Vicky,Dora,Ester,Edna,Montez,Giselle,Tisia..We had house-church dinner tonight,all ask about you..we miss you so much, but we pray for you,that God will continue to use you in powerful ways..Love you sister..Shslome !!

Christie C said...

This is soooo encouraging!!! glad you guys are already getting involved in bible talks!! and snagging an apartment so quickly? God is awesome. Love you guys. keep the news/pics coming.
-Christie :)

Dot Nelson said...

Rita,the Nelson House-church miss you so much,all sents lots of hugs to you..Mr Jimmie,Dot,Joe,Bev,Vickie,Vilma,Frenceta,Dora,Giselle,Hovinc,Edna,Ester,Montez,Tisia,,we all love you !! Shalome !!

Adam Gonnerman said...

I'm SO excited for your family and for the church in Brasilia. Hang in there, and I hope our paths start crossing in Brazil in the next couple of years.

Marcus Overstreet said...

We love you and miss you!!! You are in our prayers...we know you will do something HISTORIC for the LORD!

Yougill said...

Kay, John and Rita I am so inspired to read about your fever in the Lord! I am truely blessed to call you friends and am always inspired by your faith in the Lord! I will continue to pray for you. Love Youlande

Familia Vega Montalva said...

Queridos amigos...

Que bueno es tener noticias de usted es, me alegra mucho saber que Dios les concedió su deseo de volver a Sudamerica.

Maya esta muy linda y grande, y el bebé está grandí un sueño para nosotros visitarlos, asi que esperamos verlos pronto :)

Un gran abrazo, Francoise. Chile