Friday, February 17, 2012

The Pure in Heart Will See God!

It was the Annual HOPE conference in 2011 that began Rita dreaming and planning to serve God in South America. After months of prayer that God would use her to be a servant and ambassador for him in whatever way he desired, Rita started thinking about moving down to La Paz, Bolivia to be apart of the incredible work that HOPE Worldwide is doing with the Arco Iris hospital. With much prayer and seeking God's will it seemed that was not the right place for her at the moment, but within a few months we started talking with her about joining us on the mission field in Brazil. Almost immediately, she began to make preparations to move along with us! After over 20 years in her home, she put it up for rent and started getting everything in order to take this huge leap of faith. God opened doors and allowed her home to be rented and allowed  her to obtain a missionary visa along with ours so that she can stay for an extended period of time.

More than anything else, Rita is a woman who prays. Matthew 5:8 says "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God." It is so evident that her heart for God has opened up her eyes to see him and allow others to see him as well. As a grandmother and incredible mentor to our children, she has wrapped her arms around them and helped them to transition smoothly in to this new world. We feel very blessed that our kids have such a special opportunity to be with "Gramma Rita." The women in Brasilia are also immensely grateful for Rita's heart to come and give and serve here in the church. She is leading a small group bible study in our home for moms called "mães em treinamento" (mothers in training). The women are eager to hear her heart and spiritual thoughts about raising  Godly children. She has also started working on plans to help the church in its quest to serve orphaned and underprivileged children in the community here. Moving to Brazil has also meant tackling a completely new language. She has prayed earnestly and will begin courses soon to be able to serve in even greater ways. 

The Bible says in Proverbs 31 to "honor her for all that her hands have done" and Rita is certainly worthy of honor for her sacrifice and work for God. 

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Fabrice Clerger said...

Greetings from Palm Beach. This is such an inspiration. Keep up the great work for the Kingdom. I love you all! -Fabrice